10 Exciting Coffee Facts For Coffee Enthusiasts

The 3rd Most Expensive Coffee Comes from Poop!

The beans are produced from the poop of wild civets. Wild civets are a type of cat native to Southeast Asia. They eat coffee berries and their digestive juices ferment the beans, giving them a unique flavor. In this process, they produce a form of poop called Kopi Luwak that is collected and processed to make coffee. This coffee can cost more than $600 a pound.

Banned Coffee Pods

In 2016, coffee pods were banned in all government buildings within Germany. It was discovered to produce unneeded trash that contained aluminum.

Caffeine Takes a Day to Completely Leave Your Body

Caffeine's effects peak between 30 and 60 minutes after ingestion. Within five hours, half of the caffeine you've consumed can be cleared from your system. 

How Much do Americans Spend on Coffee Per Year?

According to acorns, the typical American spends $1,097 on coffee a year.  This equates to almost $92 a month, which is roughly $3 per day.

What Gender Spends the Most on Coffee?

Let the battle of the sexes begin! The typical amount spent on coffee differs by gender. On average, a woman will likely spend $2,327 on coffee. The typical bill for her male equivalent is $1,934. Women spend more on coffee.

The World Loves Coffee

The world consumes around 2 billion cups of coffee per day.  If everyone drinks at least two cups a day, this suggests that there are around one billion coffee consumers globally.

Hispanic Americans Drink the Most Coffee in the US. 

65% of Hispanic Americans, 64% of Caucasians, 60% of Asian Americans, and 54% of African Americans reported drinking coffee every day. This survey was done by the 2019 National Coffee Association on the National Coffee Drinking Trends. 

Monks inspired the word, "Cappuccino”

The word Cappuccino was inspired by the robes worn by Capuchin monks. The color of their robes was strikingly comparable to the color of espresso blended with frothed milk. These monks were popular in Italy during the 16th century.

Are Coffee Beans a Vegetable or Fruit?

Coffee beans grow on bushes and as the pits of berries.T his  classification makes them a fruit and not a vegetable.Red and green coffee beans are the two primary varieties produced.

Can You Overdose on Coffee?

Absolutely, but don’t worry. It’ll take approximately 30 cups within a short period of time before you can reach a lethal dose.

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